Why choose us?

Over the years in the tourism business we have been interacting constantly with guests who come through our travel agency or those that have stayed at our hotels or come and visited our handicraft stores. As a result we have been very fortunate to get a very good understanding of the tourism business and realize what you as a traveler are looking to experience when you come to Bhutan.

Being an established business house for the past 15 years, we know we will instill a confidence in you of our capabilities and reliability. We truly

believe in giving you a real Bhutanese experience while you are here in Bhutan. We understand the need for you to experience the local Bhutanese culture as a Bhutanese does and not just be a tourist passing by.

As a traveler it is not enough to be treated as a spectator of the unique culture that exists here. We will get you involved in every aspect of the Bhutanese culture. It is our mission to do so because our guests deserve no less. As in the words of our Managing Director which says it all:

“Being a vigorous traveler myself I have always wanted to feel like a local during the time spent in any place and not just be a tourist. And so we have made it our core philosophy that we show Bhutan to you like a local and hence we have woven this into all our tour programs. Let us bring you into the Wonderful and Mysterious Kingdom of Bhutan”


" Bhutan is one of the most attractive destinations worldwide, not only for all nature lovers, but also for people interested in cultural and historical trips. While organizing next groups in the future, we are going to cooperate closely with our exclusive partner – Wangchuk Tours and Treks.
Thank you very much."

Dr. Michal Kohn
Albatros Travel and Expeditions – Czech Republic
General Manager